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Here at Shoot Your Shot we are making top end apparel for athletes! Tailoring our lines to mostly Golfers and Hockey players, we truly believe you can Shoot Your Shot in any aspect of life! It could be related to all sports.. are you going to lay up on a long par 4 or short par 5? Or are you ripping big club!? Are you looking to go low pad on a 2on1? Or are you going shortside backbar!?  As well as your business.. is your job feeling stale? Do you have to drag yourself to work? You have a decision to make, do you continue to do what you think is “Safe” or do you Shoot Your Shot.. start your own business! Mention the big idea to your supervisor! DO NOT settle for mediocracy! Picture this.. your at the bar with your friends, you’ve been catching eyes with someone all night.. Do you walk over and introduce yourself, try and get the number? Or are we hiding in the shadows, living in the “I could’ve/should’ve” or “What-ifs” of life? As SHOOTERS, we encourage you to #ShootYourShot!!!

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